About Us

Our review process & what makes a Web Host better

To determine what the best web hosting services are, we looked through the popular companies on the market and signed up for the most appealing offers from each company.  What you see will see are the review based on these tests.

Set up a standard website on the server and populated it with demo data.

Tested the performance of the host – the load times from various locations.

Took note of the uptime/downtime numbers across a period of time.

Rated each host based on their price & features available for the price.

About TrendingFinder

The main goal of this site is to create amazing information that educates our readers on anything and everything about Web Hosters. With that as our main focus, we have spent countless hours creating in-depth reviews to help you get off the ground and running.

We’re best known for our honest reviews of hosting services, where we cut into the sites themselves and show you their strengths and flaws.

On TrendingFinder, we’ve tested dozens of hosts and analyzed them with some basic tests. Checking hosts for their speed, uptime and support is the basic standard by which we judge any host.

TrendingFinder's Goals

TrendingFinder is to help you find the best hosting for your needs, whether that’s deciding what the best hosting for WordPress is or​ helping you factor in your needs for scaling, we’ve got detailed recommendations for all the hosting companies that we’ve reviewed.

We hope that you’ll have enough knowledge to make a decision but ultimately, We feel like this care and attention to detail is what sets us apart from other hosting sites out there, we want you to make sure that you’re making the right decision for the right reasons.